Tearing at the Seams ||Higher

IMG_3377.jpgI’d forget about personal space on a train and how there is a complete lack of. However I quite like the train, my grandad was a train driver so it always brings back memories of him.

So I’m on the way to London, off to see Morrissey and take in some culture. Bhabha (1994) wrote about the reflective nature of culture and how’s its a reflective reset of the mind, its true mind the peaceful quiet of an art gallery has a very good effect on my brain. I wonder about his idea of hybridity quite a lot, like how we can exist as alternate versions of ourselves within one lifetime.

I’m sat opposite two girls off to London to visit friends. It’s very stereotypical, Buck’s Fizz, pound shop plastic cups and humous. Don’t get me wrong I’m into humous also but their conversations got me. Picking apart their friends like fodder and humblebragging about their lives. Castells (2009) writes about social norms and how they exist in the classroom and extend further into our adult lives. It’s funny really we become the stereotypes we hated but there’s a kind of enlightened peace in that. Although I wonder if they’re anywhere near their idea of what they would become?

.IMG_3382I people watch quite a lot, I find it fascinating, we really are interesting. Plenty of writers and academics have written all about it, it’s a very deep subject matter. Perhaps, for now, this might help, Maslow (1946) and Rogers (1955) wrote about the self-actualization of a learner, arguably self-actualization is the academic version of self-confidence or ’you go girl’ or the dog ear snap chat filter?

You know what’s really come to light recently how privacy isn’t the norm, we’ve been forced into a social conformity of oversharing online. I wonder what it gains the mind really, I mean I started my MA this week. I was for the first time in a while calm, content and actually engaged in something. I haven’t had that in a while, total disregard for everything else but what you’re doing and I’ll be honest I’ve missed it. I miss being completely overtaken by thought. Has everyone just shifted to the mindset of simply just what do I gain from this?


All the self-help ideas and slogans really never helped me get to that place, you know the’ Happy place’ although I love the revolutionaries who suggest loving your self is enough and I would argue balance is more important. I’d rather be content most days then miserable some and happy others.  Its been a strange old week mind, deciding what to do with dads clothes other related things has triggered new grief I think.

I was talking to someone recently about chakras over burgers, its all about this soul alignment within the body. Happy body, healthy mind you know the routine although this offers a more spiritual idea or reason why you might be lacking in many areas of your life. I think there’s some postmodern truth to it, I mean if we think about your phone… stay with me… look at your contact list vs apps. I’d hazard a guess that you’d have fewer contacts in your phone then on facebook/twitter or Instagram?

IMG_3390.jpgDon’t get me wrong I realise that we live in a world of being interconnected. My comparison is this what makes us satisfied now. I recently had a phone cull, where numbers who I’ve collected are deleted. My thoughts are simple, if you have my number you’ll get in touch… if you don’t I must not be of use anymore. That isn’t meant to sound bleak or woe is me…

Giddens ( 1991) puts it better than me, modernity isn’t about a class struggle or a wealth race. It’s about how we perceive our self with another, like how another person thinks of you. The consequences of how we are public perceived by others is much more personal and direct now, it’s frightening really how fast the world moves. So maybe its time to gain perspective and I’ll turn my phone off for a few weeks again I miss that, you should try it ha!

The Playlist.

  1. Alas, I cannot Swim – Laura Marling.
  2. Lovefool – Scott Bradley’s postmodern Jukebox ( the jazzy version off of that advert).
  3. What a wonderful world – Sam Cooke.
  4. Keep it playa – Pharrell.
  5. Expectations – The Old Pink House.
  6. Friday Fighting – Sam Fender
  7. Tearin at the seems – Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nightsweats ( yes the whole record)
  8. Pull me from the floor – Moose Blood
  9. Higher – Lily Allen  ( This record has potential, I’ve missed her)

Take a second to slow down, it takes a second to be human and being human is enough.

Peace, Sean x

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