No Kind Words || Hey Mama.

IMG_8565It’s Typical awkward day up north…however, I’m on the way home just debating what odd conversations I can hear. It’s just classic metro crack really, a couple of lads talking about their exes, an old couple discussing the Greggs cake they shared earlier and a bloke on the phone to his assumed other half mid-argument trying to apologise. I started a new job today and it’s been great but I’ve also had a testing day 

Nietzsche (1961 or another year) wrote that “ he who climbs upon the highest mountain laughs at all tragedies, real or imaginary’.  Take from that what you will but a record I think everyone owns or has at least seen up north is ‘The little waster’ its brilliant, satirical look on north life. Little Bobby puts it very bluntly but poetic in fact … what have we all got in common up here?… Debt.  or as Morrissey kindly wrote ‘I was looking for a job and then I found a job and heaven knows I’m miserable now’ its one of those where if you can’t have you’d either get it on the tick or just want for it. It’s really changed these days, I find myself walking away from wanting more out of money.

Bhabha (a year) describes it better than I could. ‘ Newness’ that is not part of the past or present needs translation, he writes a lot about the value of culture and where we can find it. However, it is easily translated into modern society, if you think of the idea of credit we live beyond our means, to psychologically please our mind with stuff. Just to get something, to be better to quench our thirst for capitalism, turns out it’s empty right? Those who have risen to the top of the mountain aren’t bothered about anyone else getting up there, it’s strange. I reckon we do the same with people now as well, people have a sell-by date, we’re terrible ha. 

It’s reflective but I’ve become very anxious of late myself, I don’t really know when it started but I’ll be honest it’s scared me I do think its a coping mechanism to recent events. Einstein (1932) discusses how if we are surrounded by fear and capitalist goals a country will fail to serve the people. Alright, I worry about it  I don’t personally think I deserve anything. Yet I walk around and check social media and it’s very much I deserve this, go me, I’m owed this. Apparently, everyone’s entitled again, yet I don’t know to what?

Most people just have selfish traits anyway now we can analyse or see the person plain as day online in many forms. If a relationship is breaking down for instance… I watched a young bloke go mental the other week all because his ‘Mrs’ was ‘online’ and she hadn’t replied to his text and was out with her friends. I wonder if he thinks that’s love, I wondered if this is the post-apocalyptic, Orwellian version of the love narrative. Obsession instead of passion, stalk over playing it cool, ignore/ghost over being honest. It scares me really because it’s changing society and creating such a tragic anxiety over wanting to be happy.


Nietzsche (1927) discusses the idea of departmental evolving. It’s an idea right but imagine just accepting things, like I’ve found a lot of meditation. Arguably though slowing down I’ve better understood the world around me, I stopped chasing. Happiness comes truly from within, but I haven’t found mine yet. Im getting there mind, I started a new job today and its been that crazy over the past few months I forgot to be thankful and gracious for it.


The playlist isn’t much today

  1. Nathaniel Rateliff’s new record has a lot of potential, Listen to Hey Mama
  2. Laura Marling’s second records been quite soothing of late.
  3. The Maccabees back catalogue also.

Take a second to slow down, it takes a second to be human and being human is enough.

Peace, Sean x

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