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I’ve had mixed reviews about this already, safe to say it’s as expected. Palaez (2008/9) with other people I can’t remember their names, talked about reactions to behaviour. Admittedly it’s surrounding children but some of the ideas can be transferred to adults, in short, some were positive reactions and some stereotypical northern reactions. I didn’t expect any reaction really, it began as a catharsis in many ways or a place to put idle thoughts

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Sharing this blog was or is simply a meditative coping mechanism, seems quite sensible to have an outlet for things of late. I’m sat at home with man-flu, I’m pretty much a third coffee, a third soup and a third Beechams at this point.  A welcome break for finding some new music tonight, Shazam helps quite a lot these days more than NME. I’ve heard Ratboy before, I get it. I’m old enough to remember when started Jamie T, I’ve got my own troubadour.

Anyway among my thoughts today, I’ve been reading a lot in understanding of the consciousness. It’s led me down a path of understanding faith, hospitals are a place of juxtaposition science surrounding faith. Aristotle and Plato both described faith or the need for faith stemming from rational thought of who made that?/ how did that happen?Jung (1958)  and described it as … whereby Einstein review faith as something which helped to understand the world until science found answers for its existence.

I recently have been reading a lot into this idea of duality, a frame of mind where we are two people. ( I think about this quite a lot, split personalities and bipolar are a generational crutch, i may write something academically about this ‘social media personality disorder’ and how they translate although I could do one just on Instagram accounts alone). I’ve noticed of late that humans have a time frame of purpose,  like its personal really but the footnotes are simple. I read once that friendships have a seven-year cycle right? not surprising, however, those who break the cycle are likely friends for life or treated like family. At twenty-six I foolishly thought i was now or have been a good judge or character, Arguably Freud said unless it’s feeding your ego whats the use? perhaps im paraphrasing but its worth considering.


Anyways my generation is one of many who were brought up in or around a religion, I’m not getting into the nitty-gritty of it. It’ll surprise you that I’m quite agnostic about a god, surrounded by Catholicism, I haven’t really had much opportunity for exploring other faiths. In the past year, I’ve been reading a lot on Buddhism and Yoga…. ‘Better than a thousand useless words is one useful word, hearing which one attains peace’ from the Dhammapada.

Sartre talked about this idea of existence in the 1940s?. Existentialism and humanism are quite easy to understand, problem being is how you choose to exist defines your existence. Connectionists would argue that showing a readiness to respond to an ideology is excepting a purpose, Watson (1995/6?) described Thorndike’s proposed the readiness law or the law of readiness.  Like when an animal sees prey it’s instinct is to hunt or chase it… or a better comparison might be that nowadays we simply react and grab asking questions later like 2 for 1 on energy drinks or tinder is a prime example.

However they all seem to point to that how we learn or exist is a reaction, it’s simply a mind switching on to find its purpose. In many ways is that what religion offers? guidance to a path? who knows right. My dad found a lot of faith, perhaps I’m just exploring that for myself.  I’m sure some Yogi said that exist begins with the soul, finding that is the hard part I do think I’m getting there, the whole enlightenment/ inner peace thing.

Final thought, is the whole last seen at 13:05 or read 05:13 notification developed a very irrational anxiety trip? like the speed of which we reply or react seems to really have a lot of people vexed.  No playlist this week so enjoy the best band in the world…

Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats.

Take a second to slow down, it takes a second to be human and being human is enough.

Peace, Sean x


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