Let Forever Be/ Start again.


Not that it really matters, but I had written another blog to post today. Shame really but it wasn’t really happy or reflective, although I do thinking sharing is a great idea. On here, well that doesn’t work for me, let’s just say I’ve had a low few weeks and someone/ some people have gotten me through without realising it. Splitting pizzas to putting the world right along the beach, I’m grateful.

Today is a short one really, it’s more food for thought.IMG_9610

So I’ve been doing some reading well, around some broader theory. How do we learn? How do we develop? and What’s changed? I mean of late I’ve been looking back again at Kant and Socrates. Trying simply to fathom if learning has a definitive way of being translated, like all forms of knowledge have to be absorbed somehow right?

img_9597.jpgAlso, it’s worth noting, who thought about all these things before Socrates? Aristotle? Kant? Da Vinci? I mean people must have thought of things before this lot.

Well one that’s bugged me is how another person’s mood can have a later reaction to another person. For example, if somebody is rude to somebody on the street, subconsciously you might stereotype whatever they looked like or said in a particular category right. Maybe if somebody was feeling anxious and worried about something how does that seem to affect other people? You know like about a text or a feeling they’ve said, later reviewed it with you it’s come to light it was stupid or inappropriate (for want of better words). I’m lost for an answer today, but I’m still claiming its osmosis of bad vibes or my good karma has run out perhaps.


Actually, maybe everyone’s just strangely going through a rough time, people do talk to me a lot about stuff. 

Sorry, it’s not much but I’ll get back to with something better soon!

The Playlist today…

1.Mean O’l Moon – Amanda Seyfried

2.The Theme From Schindler’s List – John Williams and Speilberg

3. Gone now – Bleachers

4. Let’s Stay in Bed All Day – Prides

5. Television Romance – Pale Waves

6. Fever – Model Aeroplanes

7. There’s No Leaving Now – The Tallest Man on Earth

8.The Death of You and I – Isaac Gracie

9.Is this Desire – Pj Harvey

10. Too Dry To Cry – Willis Earl Beal

11. Be your Man – Demob Happy

12. Start again – Sam Fender.

13. Let Forever Be – Chemical Brothers.

IMG_9504.JPGTake a second to slow down, it takes a second to be human and being human is enough.

Peace x

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