The Wild Hunt / The Gardener

Processed with Rookie CamThis blog has been sort of put off for a few weeks, so it feels very different to my usual nonsensical ramblings. I realised through my Instagram feed its mental health awareness day, it’s strange and coincidental that this post started as me cataloguing a few conversations with friends opening up about their personal lives. I won’t name them but for the purpose of the blog let’s call them: John, Paul, George, Ringo and Patti. I’ve summarised them rather than dragging it out, thumbs up*

Processed with Rookie Cam

They all seem to be going through similar things anxiety, social anxiety, depression, avoidance and self-doubt. I admit that it would seem that I’m tailoring this post to seem to fit with each other. However I am sadly being very honest, I’m unsure when it all began which makes it all worse. Mental health, if you’ve read the past blogs or if you’re new is something I am very interested in. I haven’t read to much in the past month or so but more trying to sort other things. I realised that through my own foresight, I’ve been filling a void, I must have missed that one but I’m glad I’ve realised it.


It happened out for dinner with a friend and he genuinely is one of the inner circle, we’re close and he didn’t actually say anything I just had that eureka moment travelling home. Strange when it hit’s you but it’s something I hadn’t realised I was doing subconsciously.



Anyway, Powell and Kemp (2015) wrote a book on critical thinking, just a way to explore the world through academia. I rarely read as it was intended, I use it to review the wider world around me. In a way to gain more perspective, without sounding overtly spiritual here it’s led me to read Russell brands book on Recovery and Sapiens which I can remember the author of.  The point I’m trying to make is simple my head’s broken, well I think we all are a little more than we care to admit.  I’m hoping to write more academically about it really, I do think we live in a time where we need to better understand our world and ourselves.I realised the other day, I hadn’t really played any music in a while. I forgot that was my own catharsis or therapy, I do think music and art have always been that for me.


Processed with Rookie CamI need to stop reading philosophical ideas, there was a ranty section here about socioeconomic conspiracies and how even people and things are one and the same like commodities. Oh and how having enough isn’t enough anymore instead. 

I’ve just attached this photo of another cup of coffee which is less intense.


I haven’t got much of a playlist this week but a few autumnal favourites mixed in.

  1. Tom Petty – You Wreck me.
  2. The Tallest Man on Earth – The Gardener.
  3. Wolf Alice – Beautifully Unconventional.
  4. Action Bronson – Bag of Money.
  5. Ketty Lester – Love Letters.
  6. Rae Morris – Closer.
  7. Sigrid – Don’t kill my vibe.
  8. Sam Fender – All three of his singles.
  9. Son’s of 88 – Sister
  10. Martha Reeves and The Vandellas – Jimmy Mack
  11. The Tallest Man on Earth – Wild Hunt.


That’s beautiful also.


Take a second to slow down, it takes a second to be human and being human is enough.

Peace x

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