Last Man on Earth / Same Ghosts.

IMG_8714I’ve been doing less and less train travel right, strangely I kind of miss it. Although these two reoccurring conversations happened across a weekend, they’ve played on my mind so. Number one, Static conversations, conversations whether it be in text or in person and Number two going ‘off grid’ I’ve been weening myself off a lot of social media for a while.

The great public forum of opinion or the internet, sometimes people get very caught up in it. It’s not a foregone conclusion that some times we talk to people, just for the sake of an interaction and I’ll be honest I’m bored of it. Humouring people is a big weakness of mine, I’m polite most of the time and I do try to help where I can… for instance, the term “he’s a canny (good) lad. ” or “she’s alright, really. ” shouldn’t have to follow a conversation. You know trying to justify being social with someone who you’ve either got nothing in common with or grown apart from.

IMG_8706.JPGSidenote – The script, a band I really don’t understand how they do well, it’s a personal one with them, I can’t get on board with it. Yet I hear them all the time on the radio and don’t run and turn it off.

I think I’m the same with some people like I don’t spot crazy right away but my mates spot it quite quickly for me. I do return the favor, for the most part, I think it’s to do with traits of personality we experience versions of personality and know where it goes before the mental scarring and ridiculously awkward ‘alright?’ moment.

We are both an individual and part of a mob at the same time, so although we seemingly are singular it’s funny how we have many commonalities. So spotting crazy isn’t that hard now, great example….

So last weekend I was out with friends in Newcastle and during the initial few pints, a situation arose let’s say, he regaled me with a story of woe and hate. Basically, someone had made it their own business to reopen a door or backslide to somebody. The worrying thing is the level of the stalk was baffling like I said earlier we live in a digital public forum. Everyones ‘entitled’ to a snoop now, whether it be checking on a mate, an ex or simply making sure that person you’ve never liked is still doing worse than you. 

Having social media is a downer most of the time, cyber villages, self-righteous people, humble bragger, moaners, adverts and generally losing several hours of our life too blue and white screen that damages your perception of reality and sleep. It feels very ranty so for this blog but really it’s just that the internet lately to me is strangely negative for no apparent or logical reason.

Justifying yourself to strangers is another one, imagine in the time of house phones you randomly knocked on someone’s door and just started talking about how great your life was in person. Even better imagine someone turned up with their friend to your door and just talked about you so you could witness it, Nah I can’t imagine it either. 

I’ve surrounded myself with books and music for years, I’ve built up quite a collection. I read quite a lot now, both academic stuff and I guess popular books. I have to explain the context of both why I’m reading it and what it relates to regularly. My teacher mates will appreciate the chaos that is my mind, mainly Kim and Sarah sorry in advance for any future conversations.


However I have been reading more about tougher subjects in schools, I mean there’s a lot. I’ve been reading about academic grit, or how a person puts up with education and where they perceive they are in the social hierarchy. Smith (2017) talks about this in his paper about how many people need more grit to survive, although the context he talks about racism within education. However, even on the surface of the idea, psychologically grit is something which we aren’t taught. I mean imagine a seesaw, being smart vs being popular is the classic one. The one that always bothered me was academic shaming, I think it’s a fear thing, or Fomo it’s called now.

IMG_8699I mean no school experience is a breeze, but now it doesn’t just stay at school. I worry a lot about the stability of mental health in younger generations. Think about the psychology of generational difference, a lot of people my age are some of the first to really be a social media generation. In many ways a guinea pig generation, we are justing living it as it unfolds now and hoping for the best. The social anxiety and psychological stress levels aren’t getting smaller by any means.

Richard Lazarus talks about stress and emotion in the mind, how it can affect work, social situations and well being. (1965,1966 and 1984 but 2006 a new synthesis is a good read).  I do quite miss the period in time where I didn’t have a smart phone, but then again I’d have to find new hobbies to fill my time… like in the real world… no thanks!

I’ve debated going completely off the grid for a long time, I’m pretty close to taking the plunge. In my head ‘off grid’ is relative, so I’d ditch the smart phone and either get a pay as you go or just simply live off emails. I think emails are probably the route that I’m leaning towards lately.

This weeks playlist has been:

  1. I’m not going to teach your boyfriend how to dance with you – Black Kids.
  2. Last man on Earth – Loudon Wainwright III.
  3. Werewolf – Fionna Apple.
  4. Fade to Love – Fours.
  5. Greet me – Anya.
  6. Silly boy – The Blue Van ( a highlight ).
  7. Los Ageless – St Vincent ( also a highlight).
  8. The 1975 – The 1975.
  9. What time do you call this? – Elbow.
  10. They reminisce over you – Pete Rock and C.L Smooth.
  11. For Emma – Bon Iver.
  12. Nathaniel Rateliff and the night sweats.
  13. Same Ghost – The Tallest man on Earth.

It’s fair to say I’m quite envious of the tallest man on earth’s new project/album, it’s given me real wanderlust, watch some of the footage. The Joni Mitchel cover is incredible.

It takes a second to be human, being human is enough.


Peace x

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