Please Please Me.

Been a strange old week on the train, dads not been great this week either. Seems like I just come home to sleep at the minute

Anyway… So simple first world problems unfold quite a lot on public transport. Conversations, an incident or even journeys we complain or react badly to a lot of it. I find my self-sitting back and watching most things , ever noticed how people stereotype professions as either all bad or good. Surely it’s just the interaction with a single person who are in that profession that causes that perception?

Moving on the past sort of year I’ve personally wondered and read about many things some extensively and some I’ve dipped my toes in. Understanding the cultural differences we face every day and how to combat ignorance is something I’m consistently reading and trying to help with by writing about it.

Second is faith, now I’m not starting an ashram nor am I leading a revolution. Satre’s Bad faith (No idea) or Nausea (1949) are quite heavy, they talk about how we all have choices in how we live and how our existence isn’t predetermined. I think its ‘existence precedes essence’ which goes against Descartes. Descartes another French man wrote about Dualism (1640ish) but I read it in a book published 1991, simply put the link between mind and body. I like Both their works, it could be contrasted in my own head to Buddhist meditation. Buddhist use meditation to focus on the mind and achieve nirvana, being conscious of your self while existing in the real world is a hard thing to balance.

I bring it up because the I use the app ‘headspace’ I like it, and yes there is an irony of using my phone which is the most distracting device to meditate but a friend recommended it to me while we were drinking coffee talking music. The guy who invented it was on Jimmy Fallon recently (, In case you’re interested)

Its been really handy with stress and just doubts both self and otherwise recently

After a while it has had a better effect on me, I will say clarity does come with calm. I realise that even now I still get caught up in first world problems, you know …slow walkers, business conversations/deals in really public places, RBF and even public transport manners.

Jung (1981) describes how archetypes exist in humans, it’s roughly based on Plato’s forms I think. I do think that there are more people now becoming stereotypes and parodies of themselves. I mean we all seem to have split personalities, in a sense of which social media outlet we’re using at the time, determines how you’d interact socially. I do think it has had an knock on effect on how we interact in person, with people we know and don’t. I’ll talk about ignorance/ selfish nature another time as it might get quite heavy.

Anyways this week has been quite Polarising sonically speaking but here are the highlights.

1.Joe Tex – Skinny Legs and All.

2. Dma’s – Straight Dimensions.

3. Kanye West – Good Life.

4. The Head and the Heart – Rivers and Roads.

5. The Mortdecai OST.

6. Daniel Spaleniak – Dear Love of Mine.

7. The Beatles – Please please me.


It’s been cathartic and saved me from a miserable journey. I was trying to figure out a cool sign off thing, you know like ‘you do you’,  ‘Knowing me, knowing you… aha’ or do your thing, girl’. I say this quite a lot but try this …

It takes a second to be human, and being human is enough.




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