Leave the war with me.

I’m perhaps ten years late at having a blog or starting a blog. However it’s somewhere to keep idle thoughts and ramblings

Or alternately this has stemmed from a lot of travelling backwards and forwards to hospitals and being at a wits end so this might keep my mind occupied on public transport but two things I’ve been thinking about it recently….

1. There’s such comfort in the unknown that for many people that the unknown has so much to offer in regards to clarity. Relatively speaking that over hearing conversations in the freeman, cafés and at train stations people are pretty hopeful. Visiting hospitals isn’t then happiest at times but up here it’s refreshing and surprising.

2. Being human takes a second, many professions/places/people have stigmas attached to them. People don’t smile enough, it’s strange the reaction a smile evokes. Yet I’m shocked when people are nice or for a second aren’t greedy in any sense wether that be with time, emotion or conversation.

I could quote some academics I’ve been reading lately and I will in the future but for now I’ve been revisiting Jungs ‘undiscovered self’ and he wrote “The individual Psyche has become a mere accident” food for thought.

I’ve been listening to London grammars new record quite a lot , it’s pretty good.

Somehow this has been therapeutic cathartic or meditative in a way.

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