How come you don’t call me.


Admittedly today has been a day of going from café to café, I’m waiting for the train home from the hospital or near it anyway. I’ve noticed a man near me who is probably a similar age to me

*Sidenote – I got an Uber the other day and somehow got into a conversation about age and he suggested I was 34… great start to a day. I’m not just for reference.

Anyways the guy on the bench he’s reading a book called “How not to worry’, he seems like your average guy but obviously the guys trying to figure something out.  I’m now on the train so the setting has a changed a little, however looking around everyone is eyes down lost in phones. The change in how we solve problems is quite interesting to me, I mean where we look for answers is totally amazing books, people or the internet.

Feurstein (1979) talked about how cognitive structural modifiability is relative to finding common ground. Teachers use it all the time, tailoring the learning around a theme or an event. Piaget who’s a seminal education theorist describes stages of learning and How the learner must pass through them to be realised, I mean this isn’t uncommon with educationists or academics, they all try and find answers of how we all learn…  It’s comforting for teachers, parents and pupils to some extent.

Nietzsche (Can’t remember the year) wrote about what we seem to be we become, he describes how out of stubbornness of trying to be, we know nothing else so therefore we are.  A more northern version of this is ‘ God loves a trier’ or ‘ you’ll get there in the end’. Anyways Nietzsche again wrote that when starting anything do it for love, whether it be a book, an event or for a relationship. I think that’s where understanding the self or learning starts, with hope or love maybe.

I’ve never read books about anxiety, stress or worry, a few years ago I realised that my own brain goes in cycles so what goes up must come down. However two recent conversations come to mind, one was in a café in a fleeting moment where by strangely I ended up talking to a friend about our parents who regularly go to church. We both for a few seconds stood talking about how they find some peace in the church, that for half an hour a week they turn off the outside world.   Jesus can’t save you, life starts when the church ends… that’s Jay Z  but lyrically it’s quite poignant for the subject.

Secondly visiting dad today and he was asking what I was reading, I’m reading Frantz Fanon – The Wretched of the Earth and Mr Smiley by Howard Marks. He remarked don’t believe everything you read, it reminded me of Plato ‘ all in all, nothing human is worth taking very seriously, nevertheless…’. Perhaps My Dad and Plato go for pints and a curry together in secret or in actuality the worries we all have never changed.

I’ve been listening to a few different things the past few days but the highlights are: Empire state of mind by Alica Keys and Jay Z, What time do you call this? by Elbow, Fool in the Rain by Led Zepplin and Today How come you don’t call me by Alicia Keys ( it’s a Prince cover).

I’m nearly home so, this has been meditative, cathartic and took my mind else where for a while.

Peace x

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