Blue Chips 7000

So although dad’s home, he’s still in recovery. I have to admit the process is quite severe, we found out his recovery will take 100 days in.  Now it looks like he won’t be his ‘normal’ self for a year, which wasn’t expected but it’s great he’s home.

On a different topic today I went to see a friend for coffee today,  hoping to take my studies further. She’d just been on holiday to Madrid ( apparently I’d love it ) but we got to talking and she mentioned some museum she’d been to. This poster was a highlight…4C0A28DC-D3EB-4068-B9A9-975CA4093C31

We often talk about how human nature surrounding racism, sexism, and ignorance really. You know all the ‘light’ topics, we got to talking about how generationally things change at a new rate and how culturally how things are depicted across generations. In film and photos, it’s understandable right the internet gave great knowledge to the masses and created exceptional outlets for media. More to the point how photos are a great medium but that’s changed somewhat now. Marwick (2013) talks about this, that outlets have changed and it leaves generations behind. However, the rate of progression is alarming right now.

I would consider myself quite tech literate, but I don’t use a lot of technology either so I might be I just don’t know. I read an article the other day about how capitalism could be described as a means by someone can exploit another as a resource, I worried about that as a statement. I mean in the modern day, arguably humanity could be considered the most exploited resource. If that is the case how come many people don’t have jobs or can’t find jobs? The return to poverty isn’t unusual up north, I Daniel Blake portrayed probably the most realistic film of the north in years. Although I would like to highlight my mate did ballet dance down back lanes with an umbrella in hand, take from that what you will. Now here’s what bothers me Freire (1968), wrote the pedagogy of the oppressed discusses how if children are brought up in a generation where they are alienated from knowledge or education/work … in later years will become destructive in behavior, alienated and be shaped by myths of hierarchy and authority.

I like this guy, there been others since who are criticised about there ideas being stolen from him. So I mean he talks about education right, we could take this as a given that if somebody doesn’t gain any knowledge it becomes frustrating for the individual.  I’d propose this, that the lack of engagement in a reality which exists in the real world has caused the world to revert to  ‘fight or flight mode’. It’s grandiose and  a slight reach but look at the world around us…

  1.  The media creates a new fear most days whether it’s economic, religious or terror etc.
  2.  There is a complete sense of a generation who are lost, that people no longer know what they want from the world.
  3. Lack of jobs and education
  4. The internet isn’t being used a tool, it’s a distraction a parallel reality to exist.
  5. We truly believe in hierarchies, that social order has been laid out and we fit in a certain level of it ( this the same both socially and for instance in a job).

I saw a cartoon in the New Yorker and it was a father and son, the father had his arm around the boy looking out of an office window. the caption read ‘ Someday you’ll try and fix this all over again’. I couldn’t find the picture but I would have attached it, anyways I wonder about how we change the perceived direction of humanity a lot. I mean I’m a nobody but I take to talking about it to try and figure it out. I’ve debated upping the anti in the past week to perhaps getting some friends together and doing a podcast and videoing the discussion.

Its an idea at the moment….

The playlist this week has been

  1. Dark Red – Steve Lacy
  2. Tom Misch – Memory
  3. Bill Withers – Grandma’s Hands
  4. City and Colour – Mizzy C
  5. Kiiars – Gold ( amazing)
  6. Marsicians – Friends
  7. Chain Wallet – Food Fight
  8. Action Bronson –  Blue Chips 7000 ( album).


It takes a second to be human, being human is enough.

Peace x





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