Be Safe.


Imagine there are two apples and three people, human nature would probably suggest two people would eat an apple and one person would go without. However, if one person takes charge and splits them they’d all end up eating… we hope.


Maslow’s (1943) hierarchy of needs suggests to do anything his pyramid needs to be satisfied. Now the pyramid is normally related to learning but if you for a second imagine it applies to decisions. I like Maslow’s pyramid, in theory, I don’t like the symbol of it. I mean a pyramid ….the pyramids were built by hundreds of slaves so does that mean for one individual to be ‘able’ many people must suffer? In this day and age, I wonder of the relevance.


However, there are other older theories about behaviour, morality or how it’s all in place. Constructivists like Maslow (1943) use the term scaffolding. Building someone up to eventually stand on their own. Behaviourists Like Pavlov (some year) suggest it isn’t emotional it’s a science it’s transferred through conditioning behaviour with positive reinforcement or negative reinforcement his Dog’s a good example, that behaviour is taught or learned from influence. Cognitivistists suggest that to be realised or ‘able’ you pass through levels of development (Piaget, 1930s?). Socrates who’s one of the big thinkers suggests that learning must be critical but taught through conversation, lately, the biggest irony of some theory is they parody the idea of the journey or it taking time. However, it could be argued that most psychological theory is both right and wrong…


 So I get very confused about human nature, I’ve often wondered why and how it all changed over time. I mean, sociologically speaking I don’t understand, why does history repeat itself? it bothers me.


I read many years ago while studying music that we go in cycles of music right, 7 years was the time frame or change. This is due to the nature of what the person perceives as sonically pleasing for the brain. It’s not specific to western or eastern music just each decade, let’s say another generation latches on to the good bits and thinks it’s new when really it’s the same melodically or chord structures. Now here’s the scary part Giddens (1989 maybe) writes about this, time space compression. It’s really interesting, he discusses how everything is interconnected now or how it would be in the future. I remember briefly a time before the internet, I remember dial up, cable and broadband. Technology advanced leaps and bounds in my teenage years, I think I was lucky enough to get a green iPod mini that’s my reference point. Anyway, he talked about the age we’re living in now, where at a click you can know anything… So due to that, the cycle is probably less time now.


So it astounds me that sonically it’s a massive 80s resurgence. Look at Fickle Friends, Clean Cut Kid, The Japanese House, The 1975 and compare them to Duran Duran, Springsteen, The Cure and INXS ( it’s not a huge leap hopefully you’ll hear it) or is Miley Cyrus compared to Madonna a better pop culture reference?. I like that sonically it’s happening, some of my favourite records happened in the 80’s. I like we also see the return of 80’s fashion, mom jeans, platforms, ripped jeans the list goes on and on, Watch some 80’s news interviews on youtube and you’ll see what I mean.


However human nature of the 80s well you’d have thought we’d have learnt from it. Splitting nations, terrorism, equal rights, gender arguments, workforce and union problems ( NHS, junior doctors, teacher, fire service) and sexuality prejudice. Don’t forget the big two; politics and faith, surely we are in a time warp? 2017 and the same stuff is unfolding all over the world.


We know what it leads to, the internet is a great tool now so go read about it.


It’s Sunday so I’ll leave it there, the events of yesterday are unbelievable for the past few months in fact are shocking.

We didn’t go see Dad today, the family came down to see if we were doing okay. we did randomly have a party mid afternoon with the young ones.





1. The Beat – Mirror in the bathroom
2. Bad Manners – Lip up Fatty
3. Simply Red – Stars
4. The Toy dolls – Nellie the Elephant
5. Madness – Night boat to Cairo.


I’ll leave you with whats on the turntable right now, Be safe – The Cribs.

It takes a second to be human, being human is enough.


Peace, more so than ever.

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